Thursday, 20 January 2011

My First Cut Outs

So I made my first (very safe) attempts of paper cutting over last summer after researching many cut out artists and seeing Rob Ryan at Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House in London (I'll blog about him later, I lOVE this man). The first one was a circus themed piece where I was just testing the scalpel and the paper, how large a gap could be before it becomes flimsy etc. In the other two pieces I was testing text so used an old sea poem, 'The Calling' which is one my Grandad has. I was seeing how intricate I could be with the scalpel and whether text would actually be legible with my cut outs. All of these are A4 in size and I'm enjoying the white paper on white walls as I don't want to over complicate it with colour yet...which is something I am still yet to try! These photographs aren't great at all so I'm hoping to get that done again.