Saturday, 23 March 2013

What A Wonderful World

My Grandparents gave me numerous scalpels and a beautiful wooden box to house all of my arty bits and bobs in for my Birthday so to say thank you I have made them an A3 paper cut out. I still need to add a few details to the flowers and then frame and mount it...

De Waag

In January I was lucky enough to work in De Waag, a lovely building in the heart of Amsterdam. Although it looks like something from Disney it has a rather diverse past, some of which is quite dark; a weigh house, a fencing hall, a furniture workshop, an oil lamp workshop, a fire station, hold city archives, carry out punishments (there was a guillotine located outside), a museum, an anatomical theatre etc. I created a drawing with fine liners which I then finished off with some watercolours...I haven't used anything other than a scalpel for quite some time.