Sunday, 8 May 2011

When A Stranger Calls

This went wrong. The quote is from the 1979 version of When A Stranger Calls. I was attempting to contrast my romantic film quotes with some horror film quotes. The idea was to keep the plain white paper on the front and have block red on the back so that it would glow on the you can see this hasn't happened with this one. I cut the quote out first and then spray painted the back red, not really thinking it through. The red went onto the front slightly, so I bought some 'shock white' spray paint to spray the front.....'shock white' isn't white, it's dark cream! Needless to say it looked awful and apparently you can't buy bright white spray paint (I tried another, which again turned out to be cream). The cream just looked so bad against a white wall that I gave up and sprayed it all red. I'm also not hugely happy about the layout so will rethink that one. So basically this one failed and I learnt to spray the back of the paper red BEFORE I cut the quote out!